I wanted to ask you all what you thought of it, and if you have any support or rebuttals, please lay ’em on me. And here are some of my arguments why: First, when they have shown interaction between male and female characters in the show, there is typically some sort of physical or emotional contact that can be construed as sexual attraction. Even when Tara, an openly gay woman, finds a suitable counterpart in Martinez’s camp, they do not hide the fact that they have become a couple. Now, if you flashback to the beginning of Season 3 when they first got to the prison, Daryl is keeping watch in the bus when Carol comes to relieve him. She jokes and asks Daryl if he wants to “screw around”, and he doesn’t miss a beat, and leaves her to her post, albeit with a little smirk on his face.

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Credit: Gene Page/AMC The Walking Dead Norman Reedus: Daryl Dixon Is “Not Ready” to Hook Up With Anyone on The Walking Dead July 18, by Gina Carbone 0 .

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So I have this theory about Daryl Dixon : thewalkingdead

There are legions of die-hards for “Caryl,” obviously, but there’s also Bethyl, Michyl, Darick, Hershyl, and so on and so forth, until Daryl has been romantically linked with basically every significant character on the show, including the poncho he wore in Season 3 and at least half a dozen zombies in various states of decay. Because he’s got ridiculous sexual chemistry with literally everyone and everything, that’s why.

Below, we round up the 15 times we just couldn’t stop shipping Daryl Dixon. We’ll start with the most obvious: Although for a while back in Season 4, he and Beth were so great together that a romance seemed like a real possibility. And of course, he and Michonne have always had a talent for flirty repartee.

“Daryl’s interesting because there are the people who want him to hook up with Carol, there are people who want him to hook up with Beth, there are the people who never wanted him to hook up because he’s got to save himself for them,” Hurd explained to Zap2it.

But creator Robert Kirkman has given us a new option. He may be gay. Is Daryl Dixon gay? There has always been speculation about who fan favorite Daryl Dixon would be with, and Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman just gave us a huge hint: Daryl might not be interested in Carol or Beth for a very simple reason. This has come as a big surprise for many fans who often speculated that he would hookup with Carol, Beth, or Michonne throughout the show.

But comic book fans have been less shocked about this possibility. Many have pointed out the similarities between Daryl and the comic book character Jesus, who has many of the same qualities as Daryl and is also gay. That said, Reedus has said that he thinks Daryl would make a good boyfriend. Is Daryl ready to finally find someone?

Here are five people that Daryl could hookup with.

Darrelle Revis

Carol decided that she would rather leave Alexandria than kill people defending it Major distraction: Eugene Porter bit down on his captor to cause a distraction The deadly attack later had an equally shocking result – as it prompted Carol Peletier to walk away from Alexandria, leaving behind a note explaining how she could not live with the constant killing after her bloodbath in the previous episode.

She was clearly tormented as lingering images showed her clutching rosary beads while praying and smoking on a porch swing. Carol earlier had talked to Daryl about the gang that had ambushed them, saying: It’s who you are.

Credit: Gene Page/AMC The Walking Dead Norman Reedus on Daryl Dixon Hookup With Michonne: “Never Say Never” November 11, by Gina Carbone .

He harbors resentment towards Rick ‘s group after Rick chained him to a rooftop in Atlanta and left him for dead. Merle escaped certain death by sawing off his own hand, and was taken under the wing of a strong figure: Merle thrives at Woodbury, where his combative nature has helped him ascend the ranks to become the Governor’s second in command. But when Merle runs into Andrea and learns that Daryl is still alive, his loyalties are tested.

He continues to perform the Governor’s dirty deeds, but when the Governor sets his sights on the prison group, Merle shows concern for the safety of his brother — causing the Governor to question Merle’s loyalties. After the fighting dies down, the Governor parades Daryl and Merle in front of the Woodbury residents, calling Merle a traitor and demanding the brothers fight to the death. Rick and the rescue team save Merle and Daryl in the nick of time, but they refuse to let Merle join them at the prison.

Walking Dead: Norman Reedus Says Daryl Isn’t The New Rick

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Something of a lone wolf, Daryl Dixon has still to hook up in the post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead. While questions have been asked about his relationship with Carol, it seems from.

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‘The Walking Dead’: Daryl Dixon Finally Has a Dog!

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Many fans of The Walking Dead are convinced that Daryl Dixon will eventually hook up with Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride). However, during an interview for Entertainment Weekly ‘s Sirius radio show, Norman Reedus explained why he thinks this romance shouldn’t happen.

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There has been a lot of speculation and hope that Daryl would eventually hook up with Carol, and we may have seen an inkling of that prospect two weeks ago during a heartfelt Daryl and Carol reunion.

She is crazy about Daryl and shows him that often, but he keep declining her love and his feelings for age gap, Rick and bcs he thinks that she could find someone better. But one night she goes mad bcs hes stubborn and convince him how much she loves him. He respond positively and gets fluffy and love and maybe some love making her first time Note: I really hope you guys enjoy this!!

Daryl Dixon, he was a hard one to crack, but crack him you did. Over time you were able to break down his barriers, slowly but surely. You two had gotten close and you often expressed your feelings for him but he never did anything to show he felt the same. Well, he did when it was only you two. It was subtle things like teaching you how to hunt back on the farm, or showing you how to shoot a crossbow. But when you would hand him something and your hands brushed together you knew there was a connection there, he looked at you in a way that showed secret affection.

You two could never truly get it on without your father having something to say about it. Rick knew you took an interest in Daryl and he had spoken to you about it. As much as Rick loved Daryl, he was too much older than you and Rick encouraged you to talk to Heath or Spencer, someone closer to your age.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Second Half – Will Daryl Ever Have a Love Interest?