The landmark study of the Tasmanian tiger, or thylacine, was based on examination of DNA from a female pup that had been preserved in ethanol at a museum since We would need to develop a marsupial model to host the thylacine genome, like work conducted to include mammoth genes in the modern elephant. But the genome study revealed that the sandy-coloured marsupial may have become extinct even if humans had not settled in Tasmania. The sequencing found that the thylacine had little genetic diversity, making it harder for it to survive changes in environmental conditions. It was a longer-term decline in their history,” Dr Pask said. But we now know even if [thylacines] were still around today they’d probably be in the same genetic dire circumstances as the Tasmanian devil [a local species that is under threat]. There have been regular reported sightings, though most experts believe that the creatures that are spotted are probably feral dogs and that the thylacine is unlikely to have survived. Recent unconfirmed sightings in the state of Queensland prompted a fresh search which has so far proven fruitless.

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The Hawthorn bid, which includes a plan to play some women’s games at the Hawks’ second home ground in Launceston, comes at a highly sensitive time for the future of the game in Tasmania with the AFL working behind the scenes to endorse the Kangaroos as the league’s only Tasmanian club. Both clubs have received a letter of endorsement from Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman, but only North’s bid has been presented as a potential joint venture with AFL Tasmania.

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Launceston (/ ˈ l ɒ n s ɛ s t ən / (listen) or / ˈ l ɔː n s ɛ s t ən / (listen)) is a city in the north of Tasmania, Australia at the junction of the North Esk and South Esk rivers where they become the Tamar River (Kanamaluka). Launceston is the second largest city in Tasmania after Hobart and the Thirteenth-largest non-capital city in Australia.. Settled by Europeans in March

Wednesday I had hoped to get a major printing job over and done with, even if it meant a special trip in to the office for the afternoon. But those annoyances faded to nothing Julie and I drove down to Kingston for dinner with some friends. My sister was driving, since I can usually cope only with city and suburban conditions. As we left the city and headed south, we were wary of fires reported near Mount Nelson and it seemed that was right. The further south we went, the more smoke and haze there was in the air.

Traffic slowed to a crawl as we passed emergency vehicles stopped by the roadside. The smoke grew thicker and we saw a policeman trying to clear the smoke out of his eyes as we drove past. I tried to snap a few pictures with my camera phone through the windscreen, but trying to capture such a big canvas was next to impossible. Then I looked sideways and gasped in disbelief as we passed a burning tree – the flames were less than ten feet from the car.

The dinner was pleasant enough, but we turned for home afterwards with some trepidation. At first everything seemed normal, but as we passed the crest of the highway we could see off to one side a series of vertical orange lines in the darkness. Countless trees still burning after the fire had gone through earlier that day.

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Liffey Falls in Tasmania. Conservation Volunteers Settlers on a reprisal raid for the murder of a stockman are said to have surprised the gathered Pallittorre people at Liffey Falls on a winter dawn in They are reported in the Colonial Times to have killed ”an immense quantity”.

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In between ads enticing the viewer to part with cash for the chance to be told they descend from a Viking or a Polynesian princess free shipping if you order now! Tanzania is the backdrop of much of the episode, with the three stars mingling with the Hadza people who, we are told, are the direct descendants of the first Homo sapiens to evolve. As the first episode closed we watched our intrepid travellers walk out of Africa, just like their ancestors some 50 years ago.

From there, we are told, the three will part ways, each on their individual genetic journey. The suspense will entice many viewers back to see episode two, but others will be left with unanswered and uneasy questions. How African is Ernie? The focus on the Hadza as living-ancient-people that can reveal our inner nature was low-hanging fruit for critics of popular science, or for that matter, anyone with an Arts degree.

The whole point of flying three famous Australians to Tanzania is that we are all descended from Africans, not just the Hadza.

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Paul Berry After building the product for Huffington Post, and owning the product and engineering groups at AOL after we were acquired, it was clear to me there was a huge gap between what the current CMS offering gave the world and what the world needed. Five years later we are at scale, moving the needle and doing to WordPress what Airbnb did to Craigslist. Social and Centralized WordPress, Drupal, and the custom CMS solutions of the world are all independent, non-connected instances that each need to be updated individually.

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Henry Ford (July 30, – April 7, ) was an American industrialist, the founder of the Ford Motor Company, and the sponsor of the development of the assembly line technique of mass production.

It offers a year-round program of concerts and is thought to be one of the finest small orchestras in the world. The AISOI plays host to a public concert season during the first two weeks of December every year focusing on large symphonic music. Hobart is home to Australia’s oldest theatre , the Theatre Royal , as well as the Playhouse theatre, the Backspace theatre and many smaller stage theatres.

The State Cinema in North Hobart specialises in arthouse and foreign films. It was written by a convict, Henry Savery , in a Hobart prison cell in , while serving a sentence for forgery. The city has also long been home to a thriving classical, jazz, folk, punk, hip-hop, electro, metal and rock music scene.

Hobart hosts many significant festivals including winter’s landmark cultural event, the Festival of Voices, [45] Australia’s premier festival celebration of voice, and Tasmania’s biennial international arts festival Ten Days On The Island. Hobart is home to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. The Meadowbank Estate winery and restaurant features a floor mural by Tom Samek , part funded by the Federal Government.

The city’s nightlife primarily revolves around Salamanca Place , the waterfront area, Elizabeth St in North Hobart and Sandy Bay, but popular pubs , bars and nightclubs exist around the city as well.

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Mount Wellington seen from Strickland Avenue Hobart serves as a focal point and mecca for tourism in the state of Tasmania. In , Hobart received 1. It is the second-oldest Botanic Gardens in Australia and holds extensive significant plant collections. Indeed, many descriptions of Hobart have used the phrase “nestled amidst the foothills”, so undulating is the landscape. At 1, metres, the mountain has its own ecosystems, is rich in biodiversity and plays a large part in determining the local weather.

The Hobart Synagogue is the oldest synagogue in Australia and a rare surviving example of an Egyptian Revival synagogue.

She drove the new van — christened Betsey — from Brisbane to Darwin, a journey more than 3, kilometres. “This is the only state or Territory that we weren’t in, but the demand from what we.

The park is remote and inaccessible by road and, as a result, retains its true wilderness character. This relatively small but stunningly beautiful park is located on a high plateau of dolerite peaks, and features alpine vegetation and endemic conifer forests. The Walls of Jerusalem is situated on the western side of the extensive central plateau of Tasmania, in approximately the centre of the island.

Thousands of lakes formed by an ice cap during relatively recent glaciation cover the plateau and the features known as the Walls of Jerusalem are a series of higher, craggy hills. From a distance, these peaks seem to be the dominent feature but once within the Walls, in fact, the major features are the typically U-shaped glacial valleys and pretty lakes.

The track climbs steeply at first and there are landmarks along the way for those wanting a shorter walk — Trappers Hut 2 hours return , Solomons Jewels 4 hours return , through Herods Gate to Lake Salome 8 hours return and Damascus Gate 9 hours return. Bushwalkers must be prepared to be fully self-sufficient as there are no substantial facilities or shelters within the park. The area is very exposed and subject to extremes of weather in any season.

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Bureau of Meteorology — averages; [36] extremes —present [37] Source 2: Bureau of Meteorology, Launceston Airport — sunshine hours [38] Albert Hall, Launceston Many of the buildings in the City’s central business district CBD were constructed in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and Launceston is a major location of Federation style housing. This is at least in part a matter of deliberate policy — concerns that high rise development might compromise the essential character of the city centre have led to strictly enforced building regulations that restrict the height of new structures in the city, so that most buildings in the CBD have fewer than five storeys.

Governance[ edit ] Launceston Town Hall A large portion of Launceston is contained within the City of Launceston local government area , although some outer suburbs are part of adjacent council districts:

The Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies NSW Use the button top right to donate much needed funds to the The Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies NSW so that its valuable work can continue.

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The system of elections for the House of Assembly is proportional representation by the single transferable vote; for the Legislative Council the preferential system is used. Voting is compulsory for citizens aged 18 and older. Governments win validity by gaining majority support in the House of Assembly. Since about , Assembly members generally have gathered into Labor Party and non-Labor groupings.

The Aboriginal Tasmanians (Tasmanian: Palawa) are the indigenous people of the Australian state of Tasmania, located south of the much of the 20th century, the Tasmanian Aboriginal people were widely, and erroneously, thought of as being an extinct cultural and ethnic group. Contemporary figures () for the number of people of Tasmanian Aboriginal descent vary according to the.

The committee’s meeting held in Doha, in the Persian Gulf state of Qatar on Monday declined an Australian application to reverse protection for 74, hectares of forest and wilderness area. The area was part of , hectares added to the World Heritage Area WHA last year under a ‘peace deal’ for Tasmania’s forests which had been enacted by the the former Labor administrations of both the Tasmanian and federal governments. The committee meeting in Doha took just seven minutes to consider the Australian Government bid, which member nation Portugal called ‘feeble’, and setting an unacceptable precedent for the future.

Scroll down for video Chainsaw massacre averted: In fact, in an important respect, we have too much locked-up forest’ The Pandani Grove Nature Trail in Mt Field national Park, one of Tasmania’s pristine heritage forests which conservationists are fighting to save. Australian Conservation Foundation spokesman, Jess Abrahams, said it was not only ancient trees, but also the pristine environment beneath them that had been in danger of being cleared for the timber industry.

The Arve River in the Hartz Mountains above, right is among other regions in Tasmania to be protected The Styx River pictured is among areas, some of which are reachable by road but several which were only accessible on foot, which are international tourist attractions which would be ruined, the Australian Conservation Foundation’s Jess Abrahams said, if logging encroached on areas where visitors can capture the ‘very peaceful interiors of forests.

The incoming Tony Abbott Government makes an election promise to roll back this extension on the 1.

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